This project requires 3 people.

Each person writes a question, and emails one other person in the group. So if Person A writes to Person B, then Person B will write to Person C, and Person C writes to Person A, in a triangular fashion.

Each person answers the question in his own fashion, and a week later, they pass down what they have done to the next person in succession without them knowing the original question. So Person B's 'answer' will be passed down to Person C, and Person C's answer to Person A and Person A's answer to Person B. The recipients will edit/deconstruct/add/subtract the work as he deems fit.

Review all the work+process that happened on the third week.

The notion behind this process was to involve all three people in all 3 projects. You were either the person who came up with the question, the intermediate solver, or the clueless editor.